Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Tsunami Diaries


"The Tsunami Diaries" follows director Timmy Turner, a well known surfer, as he enlists the help of friends and strangers in an effort to bring disaster relief to lesser known parts of Indonesia. At first, I questioned his motives....was it all done for a movie? Was it just a gimmic in the disguise of a humanitarian quest? My final answer.....no. When you see the impacted lives not only do you feel sympathy and relief that these people are getting help, but you also feel the weight of all those that could not be on screen, that were never helped in anyway. It was a massive disaster, that will continue to claim victims for years to come. Timmy did what he could, and I think the film itself shows what a single person CAN do if they only refuse to let the thoughts "who am I, what can I possibly do." to dominate their minds. Their are times where technically I wish they'd edited a few seens differently...but that is such a minor complaint. The documentary is only about 49 minutes long but you will feel overwhelmed as the screen darkens. You will also feel a bit more comfortable in your own circumstances, realizing how good your life is and how fortunate you truly are. I applaud Timmy Turner for doing the impossible and bringing much needed help to those who need it. I have to give this 8 out of 10.
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