Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Ergo Proxy

"You can't escape from what you know."

I wouldn't really consider myself a huge fan of Anime. At least, I wasn't until I ran across "Ergo Proxy", which brought me to an astounding realization. Anime isn't at all the cheesy cartoons I thought they were.
"Ergo Proxy" is a science fiction Anime that combines 2D digital cell animation, 3D computer modeling and digital special effects. Directed by Shuko Murase, Ergo Proxy follows the story of Re-L Mayer(an investigator/law enforcer) and Vincent Law(an immigrant hoping to become a "fellow citizen") as they try to find out the truth behind the "Proxies"(Mysterious beings that have begun to murder citizens of the dome city Romdo).
Ergo Proxy feels heavily inspired by Blade Runner, and it's dark contemplative atmosphere carries you deep into the psyche of Vincent Law as he struggles to learn the truth behind his fractured memories.
I found Ergo Proxy to be addicting as I watched it, each episode propelling me into the next. I found it easy to be fascinated by its numerous characters and complex plot. If you're not a heavy thinker, and don't enjoy thinking about what you're viewing this may not be the Anime for you. It requires contemplation, and that's one of the very reasons I grew to love this series.

"Is Pino really Pino?"
The Art, drawing, and digital effects of this anime create such a luminous, lonely landscape for most of the series and really extend to you the sense of isolation and confusion felt by the characters. Not since "Spirited Away" have I been this touched by the combination of music and art. I loved the musical score and especially love the opening sequence featuring the song "Kiri" by Monoral(It doesn't show up until the beginning of the third episode). It is by far the best opening of any series(including live television series) I've seen in years.
I wish I could follow these characters in their journey. Like "Honey and Clover" it left me wanting more. Much more.
Unlike most foreign films, I recommend using the english soundtrack option on this Anime so you can enjoy the art more easily. I give this series a 09 out of 10!
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