Monday, November 10, 2008

CJ7 Blu-Ray Reviewed


Directed by "Shaolin Soccer" creator Stephen Chow, "Cj7" stars Xu Jiao(son), Stephen Chow(father), and Kitty Zang Yuqi(Miss Yuen). Version Reviewed: Blu-Ray.

Cj7 is about an extremely poor construction worker who stumbles across an unusual toy and gives it to his son, unaware that it is actually an alien life form. When the son takes it to school, chaos insues.
Even though this is meant to be a family film or children's movie, it falls flat and is often too cruel for young children. The Creature that is Cj7 is abused throughout the much so that I wanted to just give up on the film and turn it off. The director doesn't seem to really care about any of the characters, but simply uses them to manipulate and often even insult the audience. There are some ridiculous scenes where he uses a young girl's voice on a much older fat woman and it doesn't work.
I can't suggest this film. Watch E.T. It's much, much better. Don't waste your time on this c.g.i. mess.
I also think its a shame that this recieved a blu-ray release when there are so many other asian films more deserving.
I give this a 3 out of 10

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