Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Hell Ride Dvd Review

Hell Ride is a tribute to Biker Films directed by Larry Bishop. It stars Michael Madsen, Dennis Hopper, Vinnie Jones, David Carradine, and Eric Balfour. It tells the story of the Victors bike gang as they set out for revenge against their rivals the "six six six'rs".
It starts out promising enough, with a very stylized opening and music that oozes coolness.

Unfortunately, there's not really that much action in this film. There's a lot of scenes where they're riding down the highway with cool music in the background, looking tough and ready...
but very little violence takes place. After watching this film I wondered.....what did I just watch? What were they doing all that time when nothing was going on?
The women in the film are breathtaking and are probably the strongest positive element of the film.
The Dialogue is the worst element of the film, often repeating words like "fire" or "business" in a single conversation until you are both irritated and bored. It's an obvious attempt to be clever, but it just doesn't work.
The performances were strong by all, but the story and dialogue didn't do any of these actors justice.
I give this film a 5 out of 10

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