Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Half Light

If you travel to many different countries, you quickly learn that buildings people reside in have many different names. In America, it is our "home" or "apartment", in other countries it may be an "adobe" or "hut" or "castle". Though there are subtle differences it’s core remains the same; it is shelter.

What if all the religions of the world, are simply individual perspectives of the same God, with different names. A being wearing many masks, due to interpretations, the understanding of different cultures, and the misunderstanding human race as a whole. What if every culture’s perspective on God is not meant to be defended or justified.

What if the great destiny of humanity is simply to learn from each other, and what if we combined all of Earth’s religous perspectives? I wonder if each would be a piece of a larger puzzle, that when intertwined, would reveal the true face of God...

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