Sunday, May 4, 2008


Somewhere in the distance, the sky is churning.
In the tower of a rising cloud, lightning flashes through its numerous layers. It is growing, gaining strength, and the soil sits waiting, dry and burnt. It is desperate for relief, and so am I. This brutal air burns my spirit, leaves me ragged and edgy.
I pray the rain will come soon, and not with violence or brutality, but with gentleness. With grace.
The one I love is so far away, making the night seem empty, and infinite.
I turn on music to kill time, but it only fuels my restlessness.
I've come so far, my love, accomplished so much. And yet it all seems meaningless without you.
The weather comes on and the chance we have of being refreshed by rainfall seems to be shrinking.
I turn off the radio. I sit here in front of the computer breathing slowly.
Aku Sayang Kamu.

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