Monday, May 5, 2008


Tonight I watched "Shrooms".
(No Spoilers)

The movie had potential, and with the right imagination could have been horrifically entertaining. Unfortunately, it falls into a bad "Deliverance" movie with an ending I saw coming from early on. It succeeded only in annoying me. It threw dozens of cliches in a blender, mixed it all into a bad, non-engaging script, and slashed our expectations into a bloody mess of disappointment.

I'd rather watch "The Ruins" again. That was a much better film with a more realistic, less contrived plot. It haunted me for days.

Tomorrow I will think of "Shrooms" and try to remember what it was about, then come to realize I just let it steal another precious moment from my life.
Not all veggies are good for ya, including this one!
I give this movie 2 out of five stars.

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